Hour of Victory, by Edward Percy Moran (1862-1935), portrays Washington and his troops marching towards Trenton (Mount Vernon Ladies’ Assoc).

The Ten Crucial Days were ten days at the end of December 1776 and the first week of January 1777, where several decisive battles were fought between the Continental Army under George Washington and the British army, mostly under Charles Cornwallis.  Washington badly needed a victory to prove his army's hope of winning and thus boost morale.

Don Troiani (Harprints.com)

Art by Don Troiani, (Harprints.com)

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze , 1851 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

George Washington's * Mount Vernon on The Ten Crucial Days Campaign

Videoof the Ten Crucial Days Campaign by George Washington's * Mount Vernon

Video(2:48mins)  Pulitzer Prize winning, military historian, Rick Atkinson, on the Battles of Assunpink Creek and Princeton

George Washington leads his men at the battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777 by Don Toiani Copyright © Don Troiani All Rights Reserved

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